Daydreaming in the Newsroom Again


    If I were publisher, After school programs would fight job training For front page spreads. I’d treat youth mentors like pro athletes. Give every elder a politician’s prestige. Teach history every day Not just as a footnote to holidays. Profiles would pinpoint lessons, Not intoxicate you with charm. More old money education. Less […]

Artificial Intelligence: When Will the Portlandia Bubble Pop?

WEB Radiator

To transplants and those who’ve only seen Portlandia, the city might seem like a liberal utopia full of green businesses and progressive ideals. Look a little deeper and you might see the coldest white supremacy game in the country, where white people have a monopoly on the villains and the heroes. However, if you go […]

When the Idea of Being Prepared for Court is Controversial


Sometimes I think we have a racism reflex? Right becomes left, up becomes down and the sky becomes green just because ignorant bigots are watching. For example, there is no shortage of Black people willing to start defending things like NSA spying and drone strikes anytime someone calls Obama a Muslim, socialist, anti-Christ. Now it’s […]

Journalism: Short Form Historians and the Art of Documenting Paint Dry


Watching “Long Distance Revolutionary” was humbling. On one hand, it was inspiring and on the other, it was a reminder that if you weren’t a teenage writing prodigy, don’t have a freedom fighting resume, haven’t been shot, wrongly imprisoned and locked up on death row for decades while continuing a prolific journalistic output, then you’re […]

Sucker Juice


  As I was walked into Safeway this afternoon I passed by an older man with a case of Pabst. The first thought that came to my mind was “sucker juice.” No disrespect to the man but what does it mean when you spend on alcohol? What is the lasting impact? Is it positive? Could […]

Community Building is Revolutionary


  Last week I took the opportunity to attend the PAALF (Portland African American Leadership Forum) intergenerational forum. Whenever Black people get together to talk, skeptics ask questions like, “Why? What’s the point? What are you actually going to get accomplished?” People have no shortage of excuses for passing up these events. They will focus […]



  Sometimes I get so angry I go to black businesses And spend as much as I can afford. I tip 30 instead of 15. Sometimes I get so annoyed I tell my woman how beautiful her curls are. I drool over her complexion. I get so mad I tell her to never lose her […]

Female MCs Get No Shine and I’m Part of the Problem


The biggest irony of the Rick Ross “date rape” controversy was that everyone saw a rise in their profile except female MCs. Everyone from Rosa Clemente to Crunk Feminist to Talib Kweli to Jasiri X made their presence felt in the conversation. I even read an article today interviewing children. With everyone talking about what […]

Am I the Only One That Missed the Actual Evidence?


I may have helped commit a crime yesterday. As soon as the news that the FBI had identified suspects in the Boston bombing came out, I was given the word to throw the CNN Wire story up immediately. After we got it up and beat out some other local publications, we cheered; not because we […]

Boston Marathon Tragedy: When Explosions Hit Our TV Screens


Like many people, I’ve been following the coverage of the explosions at the Boston Marathon. I keep hearing the word “terrorist” and I cringe because despite the fact that the term could apply to anyone, Americans often associate it with “foreign” people. Since 9/11, our response to “terrorism” targeting us has been one of blood […]

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